The Journal of the Santa Clarita Runners

February 2020 Edition


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·         LEAPaThon – February 29th, 2020

·         The Mystery of Cramps

·         Outgoing President’s Message and Award

·         Meet Santa Clarita’s New 2020 Board Members

·         Chris Louie’s 100th marathon message

·         Masters 5K, 2020


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President's Message


By Melanie Cotterell


Thank you for electing me to serve as your president this year and for the honor of receiving the President’s award from our outgoing president – John Toth. Please reach out to me at any time with ideas or suggestions about the club or events (president@scrunners.org).


As most of you know, we held our Annual Banquet on January 25th at the Valencia Country Club. The theme was the 1980s since our club was organized back in 1980 and it is our 40th Anniversary year. Thanks to Jolie and crew for the awesome 80s themed decorations, Hiranjan and Andy for the photo booth, Andy and Fred for a fun and silly slide show and Carolyn and Vickie for obtaining the raffle prizes.

The Banquet is a time to celebrate our Race Series participants. Eighty-six members reported points. The board hopes that even more of our members will participate in 2020. We’re going to change things up a bit so stay on the lookout for some revised rules and new events. There are three Race Series events in February starting with the Surf City Marathon/Half Marathon/5K on the 2nd, the 10th Annual Mardi Gras Madness 5K/10K on the 23rd and a FUNdraising event called LEAPaTHON on the 29th.


Our top ten Race Series winners for 2019 were:

·        Gayoshi Rodrigo 113

·        Fred Eisler 109

·        Chris Louie 103

·        Richard Rivadeneira 102

·        Kwan Beilin 88

·        Phil Howard 86

·        Andy Beilin 85

·        Paola Howard 82

·        Michelle Eisler 74

·        Melanie Cotterell 66


The top three won North Face Jester Backpacks with the SCR logo embroidered on them (1st Place Blue, 2nd Place Red, 3rd Place White). Places 4-10 received nice gym bags with the SCR logo embroidered on them. The top 10 also received Special LA Marathon Edition Balega Socks. 


At check-in this year we asked for your input to recognize members of the club with outstanding achievements or their dedication to the club. The members that were recognized included:  The entire 2019 Board, Phil Howard, Paola Howard, Chris Louie, Rob Sklenar, Carl Pantoja, Jeff Riggin, Jolie Stevenson, John Swallow, Chris Go, KJ Yi, Carolyn Gordon and Melanie Cotterell.


As the year progresses please be thinking about who you would like to recognize at next year’s Banquet.  And of course, what would a banquet be without raffle prizes! We had many fabulous donors including:  ICE Recovery and Wellness, MEND Cryotherapy, CBS Cycling, Fleet Feet, Santa Clarita Marathon, New Global Adventures and the Santa Clarita Runners ID5/10K.  THANK YOU DONORS!


If you missed the banquet or didn’t get a chance to fill out the Membership Survey but would like to provide some feedback, please click on the link and complete the form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSenyFLZOob_NeTb7aEOP6zLt49nGJWWN82qzjyfp-k_aBQXgQ/viewform?usp=sf_link



Your input is very important to us!











Editor's Note


2020 Race Series Rules will be published in the next SCRambler!

As always, we encourage you to submit articles as well as photos and race results to publish.


Enjoy this edition of the SCRambler and if you have any comments or suggestions please forward them to me as well!


Liz Conzevoy

SCRambler Editor



To Submit Articles for the Scrambler by email send to liznaut14@gmail.com

Editor will send an email to confirm submission has been received.

·       By Hand: before/after a scheduled run or at a Board meeting



February 29th, 2020







Santa Clarita Runners Board Meeting


SCR Board Meeting Minutes


Thursday, January 16, 2020, 7:30 pm

Henry Mayo Fitness Center



Attendees: John Toth, Melanie Cotterell, Dennis Lebman, Rob Sklenar,

 Anne-Marie Frisch, Carolyn Gordon, Phil Howard, Sue Davis


Regrets:      Jeff Riggin, Margaret Reilly-Bates, Carl Pantoja & Anne Taylor




1.    Opening Comments from the President

John’s last meeting as President, grateful to all who have served on the Board. Thank you for being a great President, John!

2.    Comments from the Public/Guest Speakers

a.    Cynthia Chan & Amy—Hart High School 5K

·         Cynthia & Amy educated the board on the 1st Hart High 5k

·         Date May 25th – Location TBD possibly Heritage Park

·         Request for finish line & course measurement services

·         Rob quoted $1K for SCR services

·         The board approved the above requested services

b.    Jolie Stevenson—Annual Awards Banquet

·         Jolie gave the board an update on the banquet, RSVP’s to date, etc.

                                          i.    Raffle Prizes – Carolyn is working on various raffle prizes

                                        ii.    40th Anniversary Recognition – the club will provide a cake

                                       iii.    2020 Board Roster will be on each table

                                       iv.    There will be a recognition box & short 5 question survey

                                        v.    Jolie to step down as Banquet Chairperson. The entire board is very grateful to Jolie for all her contributions. A replacement Chairperson will be sought.

  1. Board reports

a.  Membership Report—Anne Via email

·         85 memberships to date

·         38 family memberships

·         12 new memberships

b.  Treasurer’s Report—Melanie – via email, club is in good financial standing

c.  Scrambler/Newsletter—Dennis

1.  Board Articles for next Scrambler

2.  Handing the Scrambler reigns over to Liz, welcome Liz!

4.    2020 Race Series Calendar

·         Carolyn & Mel to meet and make changes

·         Possible addition of Mardi Gras 5K on 2/23 to race series

5.    New Club EZ Up-date–Phil – Board approved purchasing a new EZ Up

6.    Possible Change in the Fillmore Race Date—Rob

New date is June 27th

7.    2020 Membership Application Form--Melanie

8.    Request for Timing Services for Sister City Trail Run on 3/15/20 Update--Phil

9.    Date for Train Run—Phil – Potential Date April 4, 2020

10. Leap Day Run—Melanie – set for 2/29 Melanie to begin organization




Next meeting: Thursday, February 20 at 7:30

Respectfully submitted,

Anne-Marie Frisch, Secretary










SCR Club Member Discounts




1. Running Warehouse

Available on-line at www.runningwarehouse.com, discounts up to 10% are offered to current SCR club members using the code SCRCALI at check- out.


2. Fleet Feet, Encino

Discounts of typically 10% are available in store to all current SCR club members.


3. Incycle, Valencia

Discounts of typically 10% are available in store to all current SCR club members.


4. CBS Cycle, Newhall

Discounts of typically 10% are available in store to all current SCR club members.
















Welcome New and Returning Members!


New January Memberships!


·       Nathan Imahoff family

·       Lieta Smith

·       Dana Suro Ng

·       Barbara Adamczyk

·       Peter Shuper

·       Omar Eslao

·       Julio Anciola

·       Pujitha Weerakoon

·       Verenice Garcia de Gomez family

·       Arous Yamashita family

·       Fred Lowder

·       James Yasenhock


We Look Forward to Running with You!




** New individual members are entitled to a complimentary SCR T-shirt. New family memberships are entitled to two shirts. Shirt(s) can be ordered by email at membership@scrunners.org.

 Be sure to include T-shirt size(s).


Family: $50 Individual: $35 Student: $15

You may send your check to the following address:

Santa Clarita Runners, Inc.

P.O. Box 800298

Santa Clarita, CA 91380-0298

Or renew through Active.com

Renewals are now due for 2020!  


Shoe Drive – Your old running shoes can be dropped off on the front porch of

Sue Davis’ house at 28350 Infinity Circle, Saugus 91390
















Surf City Marathon February 2nd 

Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce February 6th  6p.m.

Service award for Phil and Paola!

Mardi Gras Madness February 23rd

LEAPaTHON February 29th

LA Marathon March 8th

See Chris Louie’s message below







LEAPaTHON February 29th


by Melanie Cotterell


What is a LEAPaTHON? It’s like a lap-a-thon except that it’s held on leap day, so it becomes a LEAPaTHON!


Where: College of the Canyons Track


When: Saturday, February 29, 2020


Time: 2:00-5:00 PM


Why: To raise money for Peyton’s Project (https://www.peytons-project.org/)


What else do you have to do with this extra day of the year!


The idea for this LEAPaTHON was a culmination of ideas that formed in my head. First, I was having a conversation with someone and we got onto the topic of birthdays. She looked about my age and she said, “I’m turning 15 this year.” What?! Then it dawns on me that it is a leap year. This gets me thinking about doing something on leap day since it only comes around once every four years.

Then a week or so later I met Peyton and Ethan (his dad) at Starbucks on a Saturday morning. Ethan is training to run the LA marathon to raise money for Peyton’s Project. We spent a few minutes chatting and I was very impressed with Peyton and how personable he is.


I was trying to come up with an idea as to how to tie the number 29 into some kind of running event. Twenty-nine miles seemed a bit too far. What about 29 laps? This leads to the idea for the LEAPaTHON. Feedback from the board was positive and several members really liked the idea of supporting a charity. That led me back to Peyton. I contacted his parents who were very excited about the idea of working together with the Santa Clarita Runners and they are working diligently with us to make this a FUNdraiser.

Come join the party! You can run, walk or sponsor Peyton for a requested minimum donation of $29.


Registration is available on scrunners.org by clicking on the LEAPaTHON button.









The Mystery of Cramps


by Gayoshi Rodrigo




Side-stitch cramps that runners experience in the lower abdominal area are common, but runners seem to find a remedy that works to prevent these particular cramps. Unfortunately, exercise-induced cramps that occur on a runner’s lower extremities are still a conundrum to most runners. These cramps tend to arise in the hamstrings and quadriceps for most athletes. Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps (EAMC) are common among runners, but it’s unclear why some runners get them, and others don’t. It’s such a mystery. These cramps are common with both experienced and limited experienced runners and occur with athletes running at different paces. There doesn’t seem to be a type of runner that gets them but every runner who has experienced it dreads it because it is a guaranteed PR destroyer.  Once you have become a victim, it is the foremost thought when you are running long distances. The acute and involuntary convulsions are unbearably painful and unstoppable. Once they begin, it is hard to stop these contractions as they travel from one place along the limbs to another.


According to most of the literature, these sudden involuntary cramps have three main causes in runners who don’t have other medical issues.  Fatigue or overuse of muscles, loss of electrolytes or depleted nutrition or extreme environmental conditions.  First, muscle fatigue is exactly what it says—fatigued and overworked muscles.  When you are running long distances over long periods of time, you are working those muscles on over-drive and therefore the stress causes the cramps. Fatigue can also occur if adrenaline kicks in and runners cannot control their urge to start off too fast. This puts undue stress on the muscles at the very beginning of the race which comes back to haunt the runner at the end.  If runners have not covered the distance of a marathon before the race or haven’t run for a long enough period of time, this can cause a shock to the muscles and result in cramps. Delayed or nocturnal cramps are also a result of fatigued muscles and many runners experience these cramps right after the run or throughout the day and night. Even though these do not affect your PR, they are no joke and can give you a restless night and loss of sleep. 


Another cause of cramps is the loss of electrolytes or lack of proper nutrition before the race or during the long hours of running. This is especially common with inexperienced runners. With so many sports drinks, chews, goo’s and other nutritional supplements you would think that something is out there to help eliminate the cramps, but sadly there is not.  There are, however, products that can be taken at the onset of the cramp.


Lastly, cramps may be caused by extreme conditions in the weather which have an impact on our muscles. Extreme heat, for example, can cause dehydration and loss of electrolytes that make the muscles convulse. Furthermore, the body uses more effort and burn more calories and deplete electrolytes much faster during extreme weather conditions and fatigues sets in sooner which in turn can cause cramps.  This vicious cycle contributes to the convulsions a runner experiences mostly during the latter part of a long run or race. Regrettably, weather conditions are beyond our control.


The limited research on this subject is inconclusive because we cannot determine which of the variables is causing the cramps at any given time. All of these variables come into play during a marathon or long-distance run. Therefore, the mystery of the cramps!


Here are some strategies that seem to help prevent cramps:

       Run as many miles as you can to imitate the race miles and conditions. Your muscles must adapt to the distance.

       Run longer tempo runs to get your legs used to running longer distances faster.

       Run your Marathon Pace (MP) during training runs that are long.

       Pace yourself, that means not getting caught up trying to go with the crowd and start off too fast at the beginning of the race. Get into your zone and find a mantra to stay focused during this time.

       Adding Plyometric (explosive jumping movements) strength training movements at least once a week to your exercise routine. Some of these exercises are, plyometric lunges, jump squats, plyometric single- leg toe- touches and burpees.

       Have a tried and tested nutrition plan and stick to it. You don’t drink because you are thirsty. You drink because you need to hydrate.

       Know the nutrition that is offered during the race and where the aid stations will be if you are not carrying your own drink or nutrition. (Don’t plan to use anything that you have not already used on your long runs.)

       Practice your nutrition plan on all of your long runs.

       Try to run on many weather conditions. That means no chickening out on rainy, snowy, windy, or very hot or very cold days.

       Run on different terrain and various topographies.

       Stop for a few minutes and do passive stretching when you get the cramp.

If you are brave enough to try these methods which have been tested out by our own SC Runners, then give it a try at your own risk:

       HOTSHOT Sports Shot

       Pickle Juice (Yes, pickle juice)


There are a lot of articles and professional advice about how to prevent such cramps. Runners have done their own research and tried to test out their theories. They play with the variables and change their habits. Some have been more successful than others, but none of these guarantee that the cramps will not come back. So, the mystery of the cramps still remains to be just that.  All we can do is hope to be lucky in that particular race on that particular day.














Outgoing President’s Message and Award

by John Toth



The Santa Clarita Runners is filled with remarkable members, and it is my honor tonight as president to recognize one of those remarkable members who has been instrumental in promoting and maintaining the excellence of our club.  This individual has made many outstanding contributions to the club, and through this member’s quiet conviction and dedication, the club has benefitted tremendously. The exceptional attributes of this member include continuously thinking about the improvements that could be made to the club’s management and organization and taking an active role in seeing those changes implemented.  This member also strives to encourage new members to participate in club events and make them feel welcome. It was this individual’s idea to host a new member gathering/orientation at Pocock Brewery to encourage involvement and to explain various aspects of the club.  This member has also helped expand SCR beyond being a running club by proposing and organizing various environmentally conscious and philanthropic events.  This individual instituted an annual trash pick-up day to clean up on and around our running trails.  This member was also responsible for adding a food drive for the Santa Clarita Valley Food Pantry to the Turkey Trot last year and assisted in the Jingle Bell Jog gift card collection and donation to the senior center.  This member was also a driving force in selecting the new SCR club jackets and getting them ordered, embroidered, and distributed.


Aside from these significant contributions to the club, this individual also deserves to be recognized for recent individual running accomplishments. The first was at Phoenix Marathon in March last year, running a 16-minute PR in a time of 4:03:43, a result under the Boston qualifying time of 4:05. Unfortunately, this 1 minute 17 second BQ margin was not enough to get into the 2020 Boston race. However, this just served as motivation for the next marathon, New York City in November. With a new age group target of 4:20, this member delivered a second BQ with a 9-minute margin, this time, running 4:10:55, a great way to close out the year and a result that assures that this member will be celebrating on Boylston Street in 2021.


For all of these contributions to the club and for these individual accomplishments, it is my honor to present the 2019 President’s Award to Melanie Cotterell. With Melanie as the new SCR president, I’m confident that 2020 will be a tremendous year for the club.










Meet Your New Santa Clarita Runners 2020 Board Members




Name: Melanie Cotterell

Board Position: President

Year joined SCR: 2001 or so

Current Age Group: 55-59 (for another couple of months)


What you like about SCRunners?

 The fun and inspiring people I've met with the common interest of running. Weekly club events you normally participate in: Tuesday track, Thursday tempo and Saturday long run            


Image.jpegName: Dennis Lebman

Board Position: Vice President

Year joined SCR: 2012

Current Age Group: 55-59


What you like about SCRunners?


Getting to run with others that share the passion for running. The social events are fun. Volunteering at races the club does timing for.

Weekly club events you normally participate in: Saturday Lowes and Sunday Granary Square



Name: John Toth

Board Position: Policies & Procedures

Year joined SCR: 2001

Current Age Group: 55-59

What do you like about SCRunners?


 I love the unpretentious nature of club members. SCR members include doctors, lawyers, corporate executives, members of law enforcement organizations, plumbers, instructors, and health care professions, but few, if any, care about what one does for a living, and a sense of respect for everyone pervades the club. 

Although we are a running club, the social aspect is a huge reason why I have been a part of the club for almost two decades. I have made incredible friendships through this club, and I treasure the time that I am able to spend running with club members and chatting over coffee.  However, this camaraderie extends beyond those weekly runs.  Chances are you will find a friendly companion, or more, in the club for your next adventure; whether having a pint at a local brewery or traveling across the globe for a destination race, it is likely you can find an SCR willing and ready to join you. 

Finally, I am grateful for all of the support and encouragement that I have received from the club.  I became a much stronger runner as a result of this support, and the dedication and commitment of other club members has been truly inspiring in helping me to achieve my goals.

Weekly club events you normally participate in:  Mostly just the Sunday marathon training runs, but also Thursday tempo runs before a board meeting, and an occasional Saturday run.



Name:  Richard Rivadeneira

Board Position: At Large

Year Joined SCR: 2014

Current Age Group: 45-49

Weekly club events you normally participate in: Tuesday track, Thursday tempo, Saturday Lowesbuck


What you like about SCRunners?

You meet like-minded individuals, being introduced to a whole new social circle, while improving your overall fitness. Joining SCRunners has been a game changer for me. It allowed me to learn about and take part in other sports such as cycling and triathlons. Over the years I’ve met four of the closest people in my life because our running club. It has also provided me an opportunity to volunteer and give back to our local community. Finally, there’s really no substitute for knowing you’re all in it together when you’re training for or participating in a race. Yes, it’s true that SCRunners are a competitive group by nature but most importantly we encourage each other and we’re proud of everyone’s accomplishments. You’ll meet people at various stages in their running life and you come to realize, you don’t need to be the fastest or strongest to really enjoy running or the SCRunners club. I’m thrilled to return as a board member and look forward to another great year. 


Name:  K.J. (Kwang-Jae)  Yi

Board Position: At Large

Year joined SCR: 7 years

Current Age Group: 55-59


What you like about SCRunners?

Wonderful friends I gained and friends helping you get stronger.

Weekly club events you normally participate in:  Tuesday track, Thursday tempo, Saturday Lowenuts (Lowes/Dunkin DoNUTS), and Sunday Granary 


Name:  Chris Louie

Board Position: Membership

Year joined SCR: 2008

Current Age Group: 50-54 - I just joined it in December and I feel it is one of the toughest age groups around!


What you like about SCRunners?

 I really like the variety of members that we have. Not only in regard to the variety of speeds but the variety of interests, professions, backgrounds, and goals. It is great to associate with people that have different training and running goals. There are some members that are new to running and others have been running for decades, there are some that run ultra-marathons and others that are running for fitness. Our club is welcoming, and I enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of others that are out there to have fun. I also like to have people that will listen to all my jokes and puns. Forward motion!


Weekly club events you normally participate in: The weekly runs I participate in are: Sunday from Granary, Tuesday track, ad hoc morning workouts, Saturday from Lowes.  The annual ones are as many as I can attend!


Other notes: I am doing many local events and travelling to various venues to race or visit throughout the year (Glacier National Park and Mount Desert Island to name a few). If you are interested, let me know.  


Name: Paola Howard

Board Position: Treasurer

Joined SCR in 1994

Current age group - 55-59




What I like about SCR is?

 SCRs are a wonderful group of people with different backgrounds, careers, running abilities, aspirations and motivations. It always amazes me how long it takes us to finish chatting and say goodbye after a workout even though we just saw each other 2 days ago or less! There always seems to be plenty of stories, tips, advice and jokes to share! SCR members are generous with their time when volunteers are needed whether it be for a race or a particular charity event. Having moved from the UK (nearly 26 years ago now!), this group quickly became my family and are a big part of my life.


Weekly events I usually participate in: Track on Tuesday, Group run on Thursday, Lowe's run on Saturday.




Name: Phil Howard

Board Position: At Large

Year joined SCR: 1994

Current Age Group: 50-59

What you like about SCRunners: Being a foreigner here myself, the running club is my family and I couldn’t choose a better one.

Weekly club events you normally participate in: Tuesday Track, Thursday Tempo, Saturday Lowes



Name:  Elizabeth (Liz) Conzevoy

Board Position: Scrambler Editor

Year joined SCR: 2019

Current Age Group: 40-45


What do you like about SCRunners?

I’m so grateful for the new friends I have met and so thankful and blessed for all the new experiences I have had because of this great group of people.  I think the first time I truly understood what I was a part of, was last year finishing my first full marathon in many years at Mountains to Beach in 4:30.  You were all there waiting for me cheering me on even though you had finished hours ago doing the half.  I’ll never forgot that moment!  And outside of running, going shopping, drinking wine, meeting for lunch, and even touring Union Station, you are an amazing group of people!  I am so proud to publish your articles this year of your amazing accomplishments.

Weekly club events you normally participate in:  Thursday Tempo, Saturday Lowes














Chris Louie’s 100th marathon message




With only 4 weeks to go until the LA marathon, I hope your training is going well.  What?  Four weeks?!  Anyway, as we have such a large group running LA (almost 40 people and growing!) we wanted to discuss logistics.  A few of us were discussing renting large (12-14) passenger vans.  This way we could all ride together and store our.... stuff like chairs, food and beverages for after the race.  Depending on how many people are interested will determine the cost per person.


**If you or a friend would like to be a driver then we will need a few of those as well, Drivers don’t pay. Note:  This is not club sponsored!  Everyone will need their own insurance.  All participants who ride on the van agree to release any and all liability to the club, it’s Board and any individual member.**


Please let me know if you are interested in being part of the van pool.  We need to know by February 16th to figure out if this is feasible or not.




Thanks, Chris  Louie 









February Calendar


SAT 2/1

7:00 am

Training Run from Lowe's Parking Lot

SUN 2/2

6:30 am

Marathon Training—22 Miles—Meet at Granary Square

Surf City Marathon/Half

TUES 2/4

6:15 pm

Track Workout at College of the Canyons

THU 2/6

6:00 pm

City Hall- Phil and Paola are getting an award!

  6:15 Run from City Hall

SAT 2/8

7:00 am

Training Run from Lowe's Parking Lot

SUN 2/9

6:30 am

Marathon Training- 11 Miles – Meet at Granary Square

TUES 2/11

6:15 pm

Track Workout at College of the Canyons

THU 2/13

6:15 pm

Tempo Run – Rustic Burger - Valencia

SAT 2/15

7:00 am

Training Run from Lowe's Parking Lot

SUN 2/16

6:30 am

Marathon Training- 24 Miles – Meet at Granary Square

TUES 2/18

6:15 pm

Track Workout at College of the Canyons

THU 2/20

6:15 pm

Tempo Run - Henry Mayo Fitness

Board Meeting 7:30

SAT 2/22

7:00 am

Training Run from Lowe's Parking Lot

SUN 2/23

6:30 am

Marathon Training- 12 Miles – Meet at Granary Square

8:00 am Mardi Gras Madness 10K/5K

TUES 2/25

6:15 pm

Track Workout at College of the Canyons

THU 2/27

6:15 pm

Tempo Run – Smart & Final – Valencia

Monthly Social New Moon Restaurant

SAT 2/29

7:00 am

Training Run from Lowe's Parking Lot

2pm LEAPaTHON- COC Track




As always – please check on our web site scrunners.org for any calendar changes or updates.





Preliminary Race Series Events 2020 (subjected to change)

Hangover Run F January 1st

NEW! The Master's University Winter 5K - January 18th

Surf City Full/Half Marathon O February 2nd

NEW! Mardi Gras Madness 5K/10K - February 23rd

SCR Banquet F January 25th

March Relay Fun Run O

Los Angeles Marathon O March 8th

NEW! St. Patrick's Day 5K - March 14th

Valencia Trail Race March 28th

Prediction Run F

Earth Day Clean Up V

USPS Food Volunteer Drive V

Wine Country Half Marathon O May 9th

Fillmore/Heritage Valley 5K/10K O June 20th

Heritage Valley Volunteer V

Run for Amy V

Mountains to Beach O May 24th

ID July 4th 5K V July 3rd

ID July 4th 5K V July 4th

ID July 4th 5K/10K/15K O July 4th

COC Cross Country Final O

Summer Social F
Be the Light 5K Volunteer V Sept 19th

Santa Monica Classic 5K/10K O

SCHMP Half Marathon Preview F

Ventura 5K/Half/Marathon O Oct 24th -25th

Santa Clarita Volunteer V November 6th, 7th, 8th

Santa Clarita 5K/10K/Half/Full O Nov 7th/8th

Griffith Park Trail Runs O

Turkey Trot F 11/26/20

California International Marathon O Dec 6th

Santa to the Sea Half Marathon O Dec 13th

Venice/Santa Monica 5K/10K O

Jingle Bell Jog F











2020 Board Members


President Melanie Cotterell

Vice-President Dennis Lebman

Treasurer Paola Howard

Secretary Anne-Marie Frisch

Membership Director Chris Louie

Race Series Director Carolyn Gordon

Social Media Jeff Riggin

Policies/Procedures John Toth

SCRamber Editor Elizabeth Conzevoy


Sue Davis

Phil Howard

Richard Rivadeneira












The Master's University Winter 5K

·        Gene Borrelli 39:31

·        Pamela Borrelli 45:38

·        Ben Bulder 34:32

·        Bonnie Bulder 31:35

·        Mike Cassidy 28:22

·        Magda Cazorla 30:02

·        Melanie Cotterell 26:27 (2nd age group)

·        Jarod Ebenhack 18:15 (1st age group)

·        Sabrina Fantasia 29:06

·        Vickie Jones 30:26 (3rd age group)

·        Jerry Mayeda 30:36

·        Patty Mayeda 31:38

·        Dave McNeil 31:32 (2nd age group)

·        Jim Nichols 26:34 (3rd age group)

·        Brian Rush 20:37

·        Frank Schranz 28:08 (1st age group)

·        Kelley Schranz 27:33 (1st age group)

·        Laurie Siroonian 39:25

·        Carl Stromberg 21:31 (1st age group)

·        Dave Summer 30:22

·        Betsy Swallow 45:38

·        John Swallow 46:19


Surf City Marathon 5k

·        Barbara Adamczyk  29:47


Surf City Half Marathon


·        Richard Rivadeneira 1:34:48 (PR)



Santa Clarita Half Marathon 2019

·        Valentin Gonzalez 1:37:29










Master’s 5K 2020

By Magda Cazorla

It was cold but a beautiful sunny Saturday morning.  First race of the year and Victoria Sewel Jones, had done it again, convinced me to sign up for a race.  She always has a great way of convincing me.  She said, “don’t worry you can run nice, slow paced jog”.  Doesn’t she know that once I am there, I get competitive?  And to add to my excuses, I had to go to work that morning so I was planning my day accordingly…….how much time I would have after I finished the race, how long I needed to do my hair and meet with a client that day…..I would have to run fast and grab my medal, take a finish line pic and leave……………….didn’t really happen that way.


I started the race off slow, like most races.  I don’t know about you, but I need to warm up the first mile or two before I start running at my pace (it’s pretty obvious that a 5K is really not my race).  I had a million of excuses in my head while I was running and why I wouldn’t make my time today. Does that ever happen to you?    As I kept running, and by this time my partners Victoria and Sabrina had left me behind and they were nowhere in sight, I kept saying to myself: “just enjoy your pace and enjoy the scenery, it will all be ok and in no time you will be at the finish line” and then thought “hmmm maybe I shouldn’t of had that last glass of wine” , “why did Vickie convince me to do this again”, “should I have just cancelled?” ………. just the norm.


As I came close to the finish line, I could hear the cheers from the crowd and that always gets me going, like a second wind…………starting to pick up the speed I thought to myself “ok maybe I got this, maybe I will make it under 30 minutes, maybe that second glass of wine was not that bad after all”…… I ran and ran as I heard a “real voice” in the back, it was a coach cheering on his runners, to my surprise, I saw that they were like 10 years old as they swooped passed me.  I grasped on to the trainers’ voice and said to myself “of course I can do this under 30 minutes” and I started to pick up the pace faster and faster.  (Trying to catch up to the 10 year old’s that ran right past me, did I mention that already?) it took a big effort but I came in at 30:02, out of breath, tired but always grateful to be able to run one more race.  Not perfect, not great but nevertheless my race. 


After I picked up my medal, sat for a bit, drank some water and took a couple of pics (more than 10).  We gathered around, went for a pancake breakfast, talked, smiled and shared our experience of that 5K race (remember I had to go to work that morning) but what is a race without the company at the end. Thank you, Vickie, for making me sign up and for always putting up with my starting line attitude, thanks to the trainer that hustled those little girls in.  Thank you to my legs for hanging in there.


I ran a 5K, made it to my meeting (with my hair blowed dried and all).  Just another fabulous Saturday.