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June 2020 Edition


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·         SCRambler Spotlight: Greg Garman  

·         March Mudness

·         SCR Orienteering Challenge Family Edition

·         Stay Home Virtual Race




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President's Message

By Melanie Cotterell


This president is having trouble getting inspiration for a SCRambler article this month. So, taking a cue from John Krasinski’s YouTube show (SGN or Some Good News), instead of an article I am going to list Some Good News. Let’s call it SCRGN (Santa Clarita Runners’ Good News) and things for which to be thankful.


1.     Our running trails are open, and we are allowed to be outside!

2.     We can still wave and yell hello to each other as we pass by.

3.     The current Santa Clarita Runners’ board and other members have come up with some fun activities for us to enjoy and our Social Media chair keeps us entertained on FB.

4.     New members continue to join the club, and many have jumped right in and joined our current activities. I’m anxious for the day when we can meet in person.

5.     Any day now we will be able to get a haircut.

6.     We are using a lot less gas and spending less time commuting since a lot of us are working from home.

7.     Our pets love us because we are at home and they get lots of attention.

8.     There are lots and lots of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. shows to binge watch. Even if “safer at home” lasts a year we will never run out of material.


Stay happy and healthy and I look forward to seeing you out there.










Editor's Note

Miss you all! 

As always, I encourage you to submit articles as well as photos!


Enjoy this edition of the SCRambler and if you have any comments or suggestions please forward them to me as well!

I haven’t heard much feedback, so please email me if there is anything you would like me to add or change.


Submit Articles by email with “July Scrambler Edition” in the subject line.


Liz Conzevoy

SCRambler Editor




Sunday June 28th.







Santa Clarita Runners Board Meeting


Santa Clarita Runners Board Meeting Minutes

Zoom virtual meeting

May 20, 2020


Attendees: Melanie Cotterell, Dennis Lebman, Paola Howard, Phil Howard, Chris Louie, John Toth, Carolyn Gordon, Sue Davis, Liz Conzevoy, KJ Yi, Richard Rivadeneira & Anne-Marie Frisch

Regrets: Jeff Riggin


6:15 Call to Order by President, Melanie Cotterell


Chair Reports:

Treasurer – Paola Howard - Reports provided via email

·         Club is in good financial standing; tax appointment set-up

·         Rob is working with Active regarding ID5K refunds, all race entries to be refunded

·         Working on Statement of Impact with City of SC re cancelled ID5K races

Membership Report – Chris Louie

·         174 memberships; 4 new members in May

Race series – Carolyn Gordon and Sue Davis

·         Covid Dash up and running

·         Great turn out; 50 people entered

By-Laws – John Toth

·         John provided various running club bylaws for review

·         Each board member to review and determine what content our club wants to include

·         Jeff continuing to research SCR bylaws location

Scrambler – Liz Conzevoy

·         Will send out email asking for articles; including deadlines


Ongoing Business:

o   Orienteering ongoing; if popular we may do again in another neighborhood

o   Web site upgrade (Fred Eisler) – weekly meetings underway; next step beta testing

o   Shoe drive – Bridge to Home is accepting donations at new location on Market St. Sue to confirm pick-up dates for anyone wanting to donate shoes

o   EZ Up – waiting on new quote.

o   Finish Line Services – will continue to work on training after safer at home orders pass

o   IG Page – up and running; Dennis has received good feedback

o   ID5K – Club is working with local high school coaches on statement of impact due to cancellation


Up-coming business:

            Scavenger Hunt – planned for June, Chris will provide info & photos to Liz for Scrambler

Virtual Race – continuing to determine a good date as most races are being cancelled or held virtually

Plan for SCR activity start-up

·         Need committee to determine startup date

·         Phil putting together a plan for return to track

LARR – Chris presented info regarding Los Angeles Road Runners (LARR). SCR’s will collaborate with them to promote our club and running in the greater LA area. 


Adjourned 7:17pm


Anne-Marie Frisch, Secretary








SCR Club Member Discounts




1. Running Warehouse

Available on-line at www.runningwarehouse.com, discounts up to 10% are offered to current SCR club members using the code SCRCALI at check- out.


2. Fleet Feet, Encino

Discounts of typically 10% are available in store to all current SCR club members.


3. Incycle, Valencia

Discounts of typically 10% are available in store to all current SCR club members.


4. CBS Cycle, Newhall

Discounts of typically 10% are available in store to all current SCR club members.









Shoe Drive-Drop off

Your old running shoes can be dropped off on the front porch of Sue Davis’ house: 28350 Infinity Circle, Saugus 91390

Let’s take this time to clean out our closets and help those in need! Sue will be dropping off shoes June 15th!

Welcome!  Our new Members:


Joanne Ainsworth

Heather Lawless

Mara Redican

Stephanie Romer



** New individual members are entitled to a complimentary SCR T-shirt. New family memberships are entitled to two shirts. Shirt(s) can be ordered by email at membership@scrunners.org.

 Be sure to include T-shirt size(s).


Family: $50 Individual: $35 Student: $15

You may send your check to the following address:

Santa Clarita Runners, Inc.

P.O. Box 800298

Santa Clarita, CA 91380-0298

Or renew through Active.com










Upcoming Events


SCR Selfie Scavenger Hunt

By Chris Louie

By definition, a Scavenger Hunt is a game, typically played in an outdoor area wherein participants have to collect different items. In this SCR Selfie Scavenger Hunt, your goal is to collect selfie pictures of you with various items.

Listed below are ten (10) items that you need to take a picture of.  Selfie pictures of you with the item and wearing SCR gear get extra points.  For example, in the picture, I have a selfie, the American flag and my SCR sweatshirt so that would be 3 points for that one picture.


1 point for each picture

1 point for a selfie of you with the item

1 point for wearing any SCR gear in the picture with item

Max = 3 points per picture of item with you in SCR gear x 10 items = 30 points

We will also be judging other categories such as:  Most unique, best picture, funniest, etc.

If you do the scavenger hunt with others, then make sure you are following social distancing guidelines.  Stay safe when taking your pictures.

1.     Flowers

2.     Mailbox - not a post office

3.     US Flag

4.     Directional sign with distance marker

5.     Bear statue on trails or any animal picture

6.     Any Bridge

7.     With toilet paper or flour in the market or store - not in your home

8.     Sunrise or Sunset

9.     Any/Your favorite Running/Walking trail

10. Any picture of you with a mask on


Please e-mail the pictures to:  scavengerhunt@scrunners.org    with the Subject Line of: "Scavenger Hunt - YOUR NAME" so I can track submissions (i.e. "Scavenger Hunt - Joe Runner")

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Have fun, stay safe and let's see who can take the best selfies.











SCRambler Spotlight: Greg Garman

By Mary Petersen


Not many of us can say that as children we lived in the Amazon jungle or had a 22-foot anaconda as a pet. But Greg Garman said exactly that as he told me his fascinating story about being raised in the jungle of Peru. Greg was born in Pasadena and his father was a chiropractor who had also studied medicine and dentistry. When Greg was 3 years old, his parents became missionaries and the family (his 5-year-old brother and 1 year old sister) moved to Peru. There his parents ministered to the Aguarunas tribe and provided them with medical care, basic needs and spiritual guidance. At the time there were no churches in the area, and his parents built the foundation on which 250 churches now exist with close to 10,000 worshippers.

Greg and his brother, the only non-native boys, learned the language and spent their days with village friends hunting, fishing, swimming and playing soccer. “There were no grocery stores,” he explains,” so we hunted and fished in order to eat. We ate everything that we killed including alligator and monkey. It was truly a boy’s outdoor life.”

There were no schools in the jungle and Greg’s mother tried home schooling the children. (By then his younger brother was born.) But the pressures of helping his dad at the clinic along with teaching music, sewing and nursing skills made it impossible for her to provide the children an education. So, at 7 years old Greg began attending an English-speaking boarding school which was a 5 day’s journey from his home in the jungle. He didn’t see his parents for 4 months at a time and had scant communication. He remained at this school through junior high when he had to move to Ecuador to attend high school. It wasn’t until he attended college that he returned to the states, having received a scholarship to play soccer at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. There he met his wife Leslie in their junior year.

Greg and Leslie married in 1985 and they began their ministry as youth pastors at a small church in Los Osos near Morro Bay. Four years later they were called to pastor a church in Carpinteria. In 1993, Greg became pastor of the Church of the Nazarene in Newhall and they have been here ever since. Greg had pastored local churches for 29 years before being elected as District Superintendent for the Los Angeles District Church of the Nazarene in 2015.  Leslie is active in the ministry as choir director, vocalist and pianist and works with the Hart High School Show Choir. They have two daughters, Aubree who is 31 and Spencer who is 29.

Greg joined the Santa Clarita Runners Club in 2001. Prior to that he had always played soccer and run on his own because he “just had to be outdoors.”  Since he couldn’t play soccer every day, running was the easiest and most fun activity. However, he didn’t know much about training as a runner. The group has helped him understand the strategies of running and training more efficiently for marathons and other long runs.

Greg has faced many challenges in life. He endured the obvious ordeal of living without basic conveniences, electricity or running water and having an erratic short-wave radio as the only means of communication. He endured the emotional hardship of having to leave his parents each semester to return to boarding school. He also suffered the loss of his older brother Rusty just 5 years ago. Holding the Western Hemisphere record for the deepest dive of 850 feet, his brother passed away while attempting to break the World Record for the deepest scuba dive. Greg faced this loss as he did other hardships in his life, with resilience and grace.

Currently, Greg is nursing a hamstring injury which has prevented him from running, and the story of his injury is noteworthy if not humorous. In February while in Peru, Greg was quarantined for 10 days when the government closed its borders. Unable to stay cooped up inside, he began running around the back yard. Eventually he ran the equivalent of a half marathon in a small, confined space! As a result of the repeated stress on one leg, he hurt his upper hamstring which has now become a sciatica problem. For the last month he has been undergoing treatment and hopes to be back running soon.

Greg’s running, cycling and climbing goals are impressive and formidable. First, he wants to run from the seminary at Chiclayo, Peru to the jungle where he was raised, a distance of more than 300 miles. He hopes to run this 300-mile route in one-week next year.  His second goal is to bike ride from Lima to Pucallpa which would take him over one of the highest highway passes in the world called Ticlio, more than 15,500 feet above sea level.  His third goal is to climb the highest mountain in Peru, Huascaran, which is 22,400 feet above sea level. 

Running has helped Greg to stay focused, and he is grateful for his running buddies who provide him help, support and friendship. He enjoys the fellowship of the club and appreciates the camaraderie and the opportunity to get out and run. He commends those who run because it offers so many benefits.

When asked how he has been shaped been shaped by his experiences growing up, Greg said that living as he did prepared him to be independent and developed his emotional strength. He said, “The boarding school was very strict, orderly and clean, and this taught me discipline.” Greg feels that what is most important in coping with hardships and building resilience is persistence. “My main focus is not quitting. The first few weeks are crucial. If I can hang in there and make the desired habit a routine, it becomes a priority and this provides me the energy to do my life’s work.”

Greg’s favorite quote is “Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds, and praise the Father who is in heaven.” Greg’s light does indeed shine. He is an inspiration and a role model who lives life fully in every way—physically, mentally, and spiritually.



Greg and Leslie



Greg with church members


Greg running in circles in quarantine in Peru



Greg on the water


Greg’s boarding school friend with the pet anaconda





·         March Mudness

By Chris Louie

·         We started with 64 races across not only in California or the United States but across the globe. Each week, the votes were tallied each week.  Would one of the major marathons such as New York or London win?  What about Berlin where the world record was set? Or would a small-town race like our Independence 5k step up to the start line and finish first?

·         Every week, the leaderboard changed.  Who was able to predict the winners?  What races are most club members familiar with.

·         Finally, in a close race to the finish, the Boston Marathon narrowly edged out the Prediction Run as the March Mudness Champion. 

·         Special thanks to Melanie Cotterell for all her work in tallying the votes and points each week. 

·         Congratulations again to the winner of the bracket pool (#topofpodium) was..........Jim Pobanz








·         Final Standings:


Total Points


Jim Pobanz



John Toth



Kelley Schranz



Frank Schranz



Kari White



Dennis Lebman



Jen Martin



Sarah Nakutin



James Mitchell



Chris Go



Brenna Burke



Maria Guerra



Rob Sklenar



Paola Howard



George Chang



Barb Adamczyk



Tony Cota



Krisin Gunderson



Phil Howard



Gene Borelli



Chris Louie



Emily Cotterell



Master Cruz



Carl Pantoja



Becky Williamson



Naz LaPlant



Melanie Cotterell



Gayoshi Rodrigo



Greg Garman



Solomon Yohannes





SCR Orienteering Challenge Family Edition

By Master Cruz


When I heard about the SCR Orienteering Challenge, I got really excited.  The last time I had orienteering it was for a US Army basic training exercise over 15 years ago and it was a lot of fun. So, I imagined this challenge being even more fun. Also, with all the races being postponed or cancelled I needed to get my race running energy out somehow.  I love SCR for coming up with creative ways to keep our bodies moving.  At first, I told my husband John (Baumbach) and we debated if we were going to do the challenge individually for time.  Usually one of us goes for a run while one stays with the kids.  That is how we have always done our training runs.  


But then we thought it would be really great to do it as a family.  We tried not to think about it being a logistic challenge with kids too much, otherwise we would talk ourselves out of it.  We would make it a family challenge and just do it.  It would get us out of the house with a purpose, get us moving and get the kids moving too.  To avoid crowds of people, we decided to pick a day that wasn’t a weekend and where we would both be available in the morning.  We chose a cool Tuesday morning.   With homeschooling we told the kids that PE was going to be longer that morning.  They were happy to take a break from school work and be outside.  Like with most things, we never tell our 8-year-old and 4 year old where we are going.  Only that we are going on an adventure.


To keep the running pace fairly even among the four of us, our 8 year old would ride his green Diamondback mountain bike and our 4 year old would sit in the orange sun faded BOB stroller that both kids have literally grown up in, pushed by John.  We agreed that I would be the one running with a light grey latex glove on my right hand and carrying our orienteering paper with the map on it.   John would use his phone to take pictures so that there would be no cross contamination.  Our trusty BOB stroller held our waters, keys, alcohol wipes, Purell, extra latex gloves, iPhone, and SNACKS.  With kids you cannot forget the SNACKS or else you will have complete meltdowns.  


At 8:30am, we arrived near the first point, which we declared as our starting point.  We finally fessed up to the kids that we were doing an extra little fun run.  We have done runs with the kids before, but this was going to be a different fun run.  To put it in terms that they would understand, we told them that it would be like an Easter egg hunt running around the Northbridge neighborhood.  We have always driven through the Northbridge neighborhood visiting friends, but we got to really explore the neighborhood the ways that runners only can. 


At the starting point we showed the picture of what the signs looked like on John’s iPhone, then we told the kids to look for a white laminated paper with a bright orange hole punching tool in real life.  They were told not to touch the orange hole puncher but just look, locate it and holler to me if they found it.  They understood that I would be the only one doing all the hole punching. We didn’t know if the signs were going to be on fences and then we located the first checkpoint.  It was slightly hiding behind a low red flowering bush.  Once we found the first one, we had more confidence in what to look for.  We punched the unique hole puncher on our first square of the orienteering paper, looked at the map for the next checkpoint, took a picture, started our Garmin watches and Strava app on the iPhone.  We took off to the next checkpoint.  


Enroute we told the kids that there were eight checkpoints and that it was a race, so that we were going to go as fast and as safely as we could.  We dressed in everything we owned that had the SCR logo on it, which helped when people looked at us funny as we were looking at everyone’s front yard looking for the signs of the checkpoints.  We put our masks on only if we saw people and were not 6 feet apart from them.  Luckily, we were early enough that we didn’t encounter too many people.


Our plan was to go in a clockwise fashion around the neighborhood.  We were doing great and making really good time with happy kids. We already felt like we were winning, because no matter how long it took, it didn’t matter.  All that mattered is that we were outside having fun together.  The hills were challenging, but we knew that if we were going up hills, we would eventually go down hills.  We made it to the fourth checkpoint halfway in our running adventure, when we were greeted by Coach Phil and Paola.  Our fourth checkpoint happened to be at their house.  It was awesome to see familiar and friendly faces and chat for a bit while also keeping a safe distance from one another.  We took a little snack break and continued on the adventure.  


People would wave at us as we crossed paths, with masks on of course.   Our kids were counting down each square as we got close to the finish.   By the 6th checkpoint,  we realized we missed one checkpoint that was at the center of our route.  We missed the checkpoint because we got excited going downhill that we lost track of turning on the street the checkpoint was on.  John and I knew what was going on, but decided not to tell the kids and just re-run a portion to get back to the checkpoint we had missed, which would be our last checkpoint.


Hole punching the last square was awesome, because we realized that we had completed getting to all the checkpoints even with a hiccup at the end.  I laid the orienteering paper on a bush so John could take a picture and submit our time.  When we were done, I recycled the orienteering paper, took off my sweaty latex glove off and sanitized my hands.  The kids were good sports overall and we had a blast on our family adventure.  Thank you for the Orienteering Challenge SCR.  On to the next running challenge!   







Stay Home Virtual Race


By Nikki Mock



Many of us in the running club planned our 2020 racing schedule far before the New Year. We all have running/racing goals, registration deadlines, and travel arrangements that need to be done months in advance.  Starting the New Year with this plan is exciting and gives many of us something to focus on and look forward to doing with friends and family. 


The year “2020” sounded like it would be an exciting year!  The 20th year of the 21st century, the 1st year of the 2020’s decade, and a leap year!  However, 2020 will most likely be remembered for the COVID-19 pandemic/Coronavirus pandemic and its worldwide impact. 


While other countries were dealing with the pandemic beginning late 2019, the United States didn’t feel the impact of the virus until early 2020.  Even then, many of us continued to go about our plans for the year, including running/racing. Fast forward to late February/early March, the breaks were put on all our plans. 


Week after week each of us learned the events we had been looking forward to were postponed or cancelled altogether.  In the big picture of what was happening in the world, this may have seemed insignificant or simply an inconvenience in comparison to the fact that people were getting sick, dying, losing their jobs, shifting to working remotely and taking on new roles at home. 


Not only were races being postponed or cancelled, local running trails were closed, and we had to wear facemasks when outside our homes.  How can you run with a face mask?! 


Being quarantined for weeks at a time was something many of us have not experienced and were struggling with ways to keep active inside and outside our homes.  Fortunately, runners, running communities, and race directors are resourceful and creative people who found ways to continue the spirit of racing which helped keep our personal spirits high at such a difficult time. 


Virtual racing is not new, but with the impact of the pandemic there seemed to be a surge in popularity.  Virtual racing events allowed runners to participate in a race “together” when they could not physically run together. They could race anywhere, anytime, and allowed some sense of normalcy and accomplishment during the quarantine.


Several SCRs chose to participate in the Stay Home Virtual Race.  The Inaugural and hopefully Final event!  The guidelines were pretty flexible; run where you want, when you want; bring your dog, your kids, road or trail.  No travel accommodations required!   Maybe a trip to the grocery store for pre/post-race items, but that was it!


There were 6 SCRs who completed this virtual was which included a 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon.  Three of us completed the 10K (Nikki Mock, Vicki Jones, Sabrina Fantasia) and three completed the Half Marathon (Jason Mock, Stephanie Viramontes, and Tracy Peterson). 


I think we all agreed the location was amazing and we felt right at home!  LOL!  Many outside the running community (and maybe some inside) wonder why would you pay to do this?  But distantly racing together while not the same still allowed us to share an event, stay focused on running, and earn some unique memorable swag!








Suggested June Calendar

Continue to check for updates!

SCR Calendar of Events & SCR Weekly Bulletin Email


Don’t forget about our new race series events! 


TUES 6/2

Track Workout on your own-see weekly email

THU 6/4

Tempo run on your own.

Wave to your friends on the Paseos (at a distance of course)!

SAT 6/6

Distance Day or Rest Day!

SUN 6/7

Distance Day or Rest Day!

TUES 6/9

Track Workout on your own-see weekly email

THU 6/11

Tempo run on your own.

Wave to your friends on the Paseos (at a distance of course)!

SAT 6/13

Distance Day or Rest Day!

SUN 6/14

Distance Day or Rest Day!

TUES 6/16

Track Workout on your own-see weekly email

THU 6/18

Tempo run on your own.

Wave to your friends on the Paseos (at a distance of course)!

SAT 6/20

Distance Day or Rest Day!

SUN 6/21

Distance Day or Rest Day!

TUES 6/23

Track Workout on your own-see weekly email

THU 6/25

Tempo run on your own.

Wave to your friends on the Paseos (at a distance of course)!

SAT 6/27

Distance Day or Rest Day!

SUN 6/28

Distance Day or Rest Day!

Last day to submit your SCRambler articles

TUES 6/30

Track Workout on your own-see weekly email



As always – please check on our web site scrunners.org for any calendar changes or updates.






Race Series June 2020 updates


By Carolyn Gordon


With no races for us to run since Covid-19 has been looming, the SCR Board has offered a variety of events for the club to participate in and earn race series points. If you participated in March Mudness or Orienteering (results due June 5), be sure to submit your points!!  Our Covid Dash event is going strong, we are now in week four with 3 weeks remaining.  You can also earn points by writing an article for the SCRambler or get a friend to join the club!


If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out anytime.


Stay well friends.




If you haven’t done so, remember to submit any points on the SCR website:

http://www.scrunners.org/. Choose “Our Events” and “Our Race Series” to see the rules.  Scroll to the bottom of the rules to find the link to then enter your Race Series Points.


There are a couple of different ways to earn prizes, etc. from previous years so give the rules a quick look over, as well as an updated list of events (see below), and, read in the SCRambler details for the new events added.



Race Series Events 2020









Hangover Run






The Master's University Winter 5K



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



SCR Annual Banquet






Surf City Full/Half Marathon



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



Mardi Gras Madness 5K/10K



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG







Melanie Cotterell


Los Angeles Marathon



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG




St. Patrick's Day 5K



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG

Tony Cota



Carlsbad 5000



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG




Valencia Trail Race



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG




Train Run




Phil & Paola Howard




Prediction Run




Chris Louie, Frank & Kelly Schranz


Earth Day Clean Up







USPS Food Volunteer Drive




Phil & Paola Howard



Mountains to Beach



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG




Hart High School 5K



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG

John Toth


Run for Amy










+1 ea for fastest time, shortest route

Phil Howard


5/11/20 to 6/22/20

Distance Matters Covid Dash




Carolyn Gordon &

Sue Davis


June TBD

Scavenger Hunt



Info coming

Chris Louie



Heritage Valley Volunteer




Rob Sklenar



Heritage Valley 5K/10K



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG

Rob Sklenar


ID 4th of July Race Registration




Carl Pantoja


ID 4th of July Race Reg, Set Up, Timing




Carl Pantoja


ID 4th 5K/10K/15K



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG

Carl Pantoja


COC Cross Country Series



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



Summer Social




Richard Rivadeneira


Be the Light 5K Volunteer






Ventura 5K/Half/Marathon



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG


Nov. TBD

SCHMPR Half Marathon Preview




Chris Louie


Santa Clarita Volunteer




Chris Louie, Jeff Riggin


Santa Clarita 5K/10K/Half/Full



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



Turkey Trot






California International Marathon



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



Venice/Santa Monica 5K/10K



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



Santa to the Sea Half Marathon



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



Jingle Bell Jog




Paola Howard








2020 Race Series Rules


Objective:      Promote the sport of running and create camaraderie within the club by encouraging participation by our members in the Race Series.

1.      Points are awarded to runners who participate in the listed events and report them to the Race Series Director via document on our website. The series will operate on a self-reporting honor system. You can report your points at the scrunners.org website. Members must be in good standing (dues paid for the year) for points to be eligible. There will be a grace period on membership dues until March 15th.


2.     There are several ways to earn points in the Race Series:

Organized Races (O) will be eligible for:

          -Five (5) points for running the event

          -One (1) point for wearing your SCR shirt/tank

          -One (1) point for Personal Record (5-year age group PRs)

-One (1) point for an Age Group Award (as determined by race, i.e., if you place 4th, you can claim if awards go 5 deep but not if they go 3 deep).

-Personal Record (PR) and Age Group Award points are awarded based on your age group at the time of the event.

          Volunteer Events (V) will be eligible for:

                   -Five (5) points for participating in the event.


          Fun Events (F) will be eligible for:

                   -Three (3) points for participating in the event.

          Refer a new member to the club:

-      One (1) point per new member, up to five (5) for the year.

-points are not awarded for adding new family members or for changing from an individual membership to a family membership.

          Write an article for the SCRambler:

-      Five (5) ponts per article with a maximum of one article per month.

Act as a Race Liason or Host of an Event:

-      Five (5) points for each occurrence

Run any race with a minimum of four (4) other club members and submit an article and photo to the SCRambler:

          -Five (5) points to all club members at the event even if they are

          not in the picture.

          (maximum of 2 races a year)

Wild Card Race with a SCRambler article and photo

-Five (5) points for any race of your choosing that does not fit into any other category

(maximum of 2 races a year)

Participate in each of the four (4) weekly club events at least once in one month

          -Five (5) points per month

          (points can only be claimed once a quarter)

3.     Each month we will recognize that month’s participants for club supported runs, each quarter Race Series points leaders will be awarded prizes, and, there will be recognition of Race Series participants at the annual banquet.

a.      Members are only eligible for one (1) quarterly award per year and one monthly award per year, but all winners are eligible for end of year awards.

b.     Annual Banquet winners will be separated into three (3) categories:

-Most overall points

-Most volunteer points

-Most race points












March Mudness

Jim Pobanz 145 points






















2020 Board Members


President Melanie Cotterell

Vice-President Dennis Lebman

Treasurer Paola Howard

Secretary Anne-Marie Frisch

Membership Director Chris Louie

Race Series Director Carolyn Gordon

Social Media Jeff Riggin

Policies/Procedures John Toth

SCRamber Editor Elizabeth Conzevoy


Sue Davis

Phil Howard

Richard Rivadeneira







Check out the Facebook photos posted by our members:



and on Instagram: