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March 2020 Edition


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·         Raffle Prize Donor Spotlight

·         Scrambler Spotlight! Meet Hiranjan Rodrigo

·         Women Run LA 5K Feb 23, 2020

·         Mt. Hollywood Sign 12K/8K Feb, 9th 2020

·         Thank you from SCV Food Pantry

·         Prediction Run Reminder April 11th, 2020



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President's Message


By Melanie Cotterell


Family Trees


My dad is an enthusiastic genealogist. He is constantly adding people to our family tree through on-line research and genealogy books about the Pennsylvania area. If you are from Pennsylvania, then there is a good chance that you are already in my personal family tree.


But, even if you are not in my genetic family tree, I think of you as part of my Santa Clarita Runner family tree. The Santa Clarita community is the trunk and the branches are the different running groups in the valley. Each of these branches sprout twigs that are mini families. Some of our twigs are the Hamsters, the Rodents, the Tuesday morning Central Park Runners, the Misfits, Saturday Morning girl power and many other groups. Then there are the leaves on the tree representing the individual runners in our community. Our common DNA is our passion for running.


Some of the other branches on the running tree include the youth running programs such as Warriors and Storm then there are the High School Cross Country teams and Track and Field Teams. There are also groups like SOAR, Runner’s Lane and Valencia Trail Runners. In addition, there are many other runners in the community that don’t belong to a running club but are dedicated runners just the same.


Although we may have some grievances with some members of our running family, just like within your own family, it is my wish that we unite in a common goal. The goal is convincing the city of Santa Clarita that there are runners all over this valley that would appreciate having a track to practice on that is open to the public and available to reserve for events just like the fields at Central Park. There are many groups vying for the same track locations within the city and it is becoming much more difficult to secure them due to other sports and scheduling conflicts. Having one more track in the valley may not alleviate all the problems but it certainly won’t hurt the situation. Let’s put aside our differences and gather together all the branches, twigs and leaves and work on a plan together in such a way that it will be hard for the city to ignore us. Please send me an email at president@scrunners.org if you would like to be part of this effort.













Editor's Note


As always, we encourage you to submit articles as well as photos and race results to publish! 


Enjoy this edition of the SCRambler and if you have any comments or suggestions please forward them to me as well!


Submit Articles for the Scrambler by email with “April Scrambler Edition” in the subject line.



Liz Conzevoy

SCRambler Editor




March 27th, 2020.







Santa Clarita Runners Board Meeting


SCR Board Meeting Minutes


Thursday, February 20, 2020 7:30 pm

Henry Mayo Fitness Center


Attendees:       John Toth, Melanie Cotterell, Carolyn Gordon, Phil Howard, Dennis Lebman, KJ Yi, Richard Rivadeneira, Paola Howard, Chris Louie


Regrets:          Anne-Marie Frisch, Sue Davis, Liz Conzevoy


1.    19:40 Call to Order and Opening Comments from the President

Melanie welcomed the new board and reviewed the surveys received from members at the banquet.

Paola will keep an action item list for the board.

  1. Board reports

a.  Membership Report

We have 146 members year to date.

b.  Treasurer’s Report

Monthly reports were provided to the board. Review of budget items reveals Race Series will need additional funding, St Patrick’s 5k deposit has been received, Banquet costs have been all but settled and the Social budget for 2020 was discussed.

c.   Race Series

Minor amendments to the series race list and rules were discussed. Quarterly awards and claim limits will be established. Alternate prizes were also discussed, such as gift cards or charitable donation. Details will be in the Scrambler.

d.  Scrambler

Articles are due by February 29th.

4.    Calendar

Jingle Bell Jog proposed for 12/17/20.

Banquet proposed for either 1/23/21 or 1/30/21. Richard volunteered to lead this and additional volunteers from the banquet survey will be passed to him.

Social proposed for 8/30/20 and will continue the 40th celebration of the club. Commemorative glasses and beer were discussed.

New member meeting TBD.

Trail Clean-up TBD.

Mail Carrier Food Drive 5/9/20.

Thursday hosted runs beginning with ICE on 3/26/20. List of those willing to host will be forwarded to Carl.

Volunteer list to help with the marathon will be passed to Chris.

5.    Finish Line Services

Be The Light on 9/19/20, the club is supporting this race.

Santa Clara Valley Wellness Foundation on 7/11/20, the club will decline this race.

Hart High 5K.

6.    EZup.

We are waiting a new quote from Martin.

7.    Other Agenda Items

Due to time constraints additional agenda items will be reviewed at future meetings.


Meeting adjourned at 21:00.

Phil on behalf of Anne-Marie.










SCR Club Member Discounts




1. Running Warehouse

Available on-line at www.runningwarehouse.com, discounts up to 10% are offered to current SCR club members using the code SCRCALI at check- out.


2. Fleet Feet, Encino

Discounts of typically 10% are available in store to all current SCR club members.


3. Incycle, Valencia

Discounts of typically 10% are available in store to all current SCR club members.


4. CBS Cycle, Newhall

Discounts of typically 10% are available in store to all current SCR club members.
















Welcome New and Returning Members!


New January & February Memberships!

Julio Anciola (1/21/20)

Emily Cotterell (1/3/20)

John & Katie Daly Family (1/1/20)

Omar Eslao (1/25/20)

Noelia Fedi Family (1/25/20)

Verenice Garcia de Gomez Family (1/1/20)

Nathan Imhoff Family (1/6/20)

Gavin & Nancy Klinger family (2/9/20)

Fred Lowder (1/21/20)

Ethan Marquez Family (2/28/20)

Kevin McSweeney

Dana Ng (1/4/20)

Peter Shuper (1/15/20)

Lieta Smith (1/6/20)

Pujitha Weerakoon (1/20/20)

Arous Yamashita (1/28/20)

James Yasenchok (1/19/20)




We Look Forward to Running with You!




** New individual members are entitled to a complimentary SCR T-shirt. New family memberships are entitled to two shirts. Shirt(s) can be ordered by email at membership@scrunners.org.

 Be sure to include T-shirt size(s).


Family: $50 Individual: $35 Student: $15

You may send your check to the following address:

Santa Clarita Runners, Inc.

P.O. Box 800298

Santa Clarita, CA 91380-0298

Or renew through Active.com

Renewals are now due for 2020!  


Membership Renewal:

This is the last call if you have not renewed your club membership.  The deadline is Sunday, March 15th.  After that time, you will be removed from the roster.  Please renew through active.com or giving your membership dues to a Board Member.



Shoe Drive – Your old running shoes can be dropped off on the front porch of

Sue Davis’ house at 28350 Infinity Circle, Saugus 91390

















LA Marathon, March 8th


We are planning on car-pooling down to the Expo on Saturday morning to pick up our bibs.

Van Pool:  Chris Louie will be sending out final information and details about the van pool for the LA marathon this week.

Please contact Chris Louie for any questions:  clouie98@yahoo.com or 818-359-6357


Prediction Run, April 11th


Save the date - Saturday, April 11th @ 7:40 a.m.  The Prediction Run will take place once again in Central Park.  We look forward to seeing you there!







Raffle Prize Donor Spotlight


By Melanie Cotterell

This month’s spotlight donor is ICE Recovery & Wellness is: http://www.icerandw.com/#/


ICE Recovery & Wellness was founded in 2016 with one driving purpose in mind: to introduce Santa Clarita, CA residents to the extensive benefits of cryotherapy and NormaTec compression.  With deep roots in his community, ICE Recovery & Wellness Owner, Troy Yudin, is committed to providing student/ professional athletes, fitness aficionados, those suffering from pain and more with a cryotherapy experience that exceeds every expectation.


On March 26th we will meet at ICE Recovery & Wellness for our monthly Thursday night social. There will be food and drink served after the run and the opportunity to take advantage of a $25 special that includes an ICE session and Normatec compression. There will be an evite sent out prior to the event so please RSVP if you plan to attend.



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·         Scrambler Spotlight! Meet Hiranjan Rodrigo

by Mary Petersen

You probably know Gayoshi Rodrigo. You may have seen her fly by you at Tuesday night track. She’s the one who captured all the swag at the banquet with her highest point total. But you may not know her husband, Hiranjan, a new member of the Santa Clarita Runners Club. He has been running for just six months yet has already completed a half marathon.


Hiranjan never ran in high school but he played field hockey and competed in hurdle events with his high school team. He did well and attributes his success to a great coach who helped him train and master the style of jumping.  Once he started college, however, he no longer had time for sports as academics and business occupied most of his time.


Hiranjan is the youngest of seven children and the only boy. (He has six older sisters!) He and Gayoshi were born and raised in Sri Lanka. Twenty years ago they made their way to the United States when Gayoshi received a scholarship to pursue a Master’s Degree at UCLA. This was a momentous decision to make. Hiranjan had started his own advertising company and had 30 employees. It was a painful task to tell them that the business was closing and he was moving. But with gratitude in his heart, he generously gave the staff all of his business equipment although this meant facing a financial loss.


It was a sacrifice to leave everything including friends and family and launch into a new life. But the couple felt that the move would offer a better life for the family, especially since Sri Lanka was in the midst of a civil war. The U.S. would provide a safer environment with more opportunities for their son Davi and daughter Davina. (They would be blessed with one more daughter, Dhanya, born in the U.S.) Once here, Hiranjan started a photography business and a company teaching coding to elementary children. They set down roots in Santa Clarita and made new friends.


The motivation for Hiranjan to start running came from his younger daughter, Dhanya. She ran cross country in high school and was extremely disciplined in running. She talked to her dad about her workouts and wanted him to start running. Although Hiranjan says he was not a runner, he wanted to share this experience with his daughter. So he started slowly. He began walking with his older daughter, Davina. He hiked a lot. Eventually, he adopted the strategy to run a minute and walk a minute. Then he ran two minutes and walked a minute. Finally he built up his stamina to run 30 minutes without stopping. 


In June of 2019 Hiranjan joined Santa Clarita Runners, and the following month on his birthday he completed the Portland 5K in 28.10. Very impressive for a non-runner! But his determination did not stop there. By November he had completed his first half marathon, the Ventura Half. It was quite a challenge, and he would like to give Paola special thanks for staying with him on the run and giving him the encouragement to finish it. Hiranjan says he’s glad he joined the run club. It motivates him to run more miles, and he likes running with a group instead of alone. His favorite workout is track where he sees the most progress. Running with the club has helped him run faster and for longer distances.


Hiranjan’s running goal is to complete one marathon in his lifetime. He says he has talked to people, and they tell him he won’t stop with one, so he’ll see. He would also like to “redeem” himself and run another half marathon with a better time. What has put a damper on his training is his diagnosis of planter fasciitis. This is discouraging because he knows he must rest the injury yet he hates to miss out on the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday club runs. For months he’s had to be patient. He’s currently finishing physical therapy and exercising at home. The good news is his pain level has decreased, so he hopes to be running soon.  He is registered to run the Nashville 15K on February 15, and he doesn’t want to miss that.


Hiranjan says he enjoys being a member of the club and meeting new friends. Since his favorite restaurant is any place that serves beer, he fits right in with the group. With his wacky sense of humor, he has become an official member of the Roadents.  We look forward to many more runs, many more beers, and many more years with Hiranjan.


Hiranjan and Gayoshi 1990                                   Hiranjan Ventura Race 2019


A group of people posing for a photo

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       Rodrigo Family Photo

A group of people posing for a photo

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Women Run L.A. 5K Feb 23, 2020


By Betsy Swallow


One of my New Year’s resolutions was to participate in one race per month. In January, I did the Masters 5K, so one down. In February, I dilly-dallied around, and by the time I decided to sign up for SOAR’s Mardi Gras Madness, it was already full. What to do??


Browsing online, I ran across Women Run L A, which had a Half, 10K, and 5K, conveniently held at Hansen Dam Recreation Area, on Feb 23, proceeds to aid underserved women and children.  Those of you who are tenured Club members (better than saying “old”) might recall that the Club used to put on our very own Women’s 5K, held in various locations, even Pico Canyon! The last one I can confirm, since I have the T-shirt, was the 25th Anniversary Run, held March 24, 2007. So a proud tradition came to a close. But I digress.


I arrived at Hansen Dam in plenty of time, got a great parking spot, signed in, and watched the Half-marathoners take off at 8:30, and the 10K runners at 9:00. Around the little lake they went, and out of sight! Mostly women, but a few runners of the male variety. Several of pace groups for the Half had a male leader. The 2:15 pace group leader was clad only in a Speedo and his sneakers. I hope he had plenty of sunscreen on.


My race started at 9:30, and off we went, around the lake, across the park, and up onto to the dam. Our turn-around was about one-third of the way across, then back the way we came.  The 10K run went all the way across the dam, and the half did two loops, coming back through the Start/Finish area to go again. (I always hated races like that, myself.) It was an enjoyable course, easy to follow, and sunny but not hot.


Along with the usual finish-line snacks, we were also served Krispy Kreme donuts. All the usual amenities, such as music, a massage table, various vendors, and a food truck made a festive finish area. The awards were for the top three runners in each race, no age group awards, so they didn’t take long.  Another Women Run L.A. Race will be held in Oxnard, in May. I’d consider doing that one, too!


A group of people holding a sign

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Mt. Hollywood Sign Trail Race12K/8K Feb 9th, 2020


By Elizabeth Conzevoy


With rain in the forecast again. . . my last three races I had the same forecast, my fellow trail running friend, Kara Duenas, picked me up at at 6 a.m. and we were on our way to the Merry Go Round Parking lot at Griffith Park.  We made sure we had exact directions this time, as we had driven around in circles trying to find the preview run (ask Jen Todd!).  We parked and walked up the short trail to the start of the race at the Old Zoo.  For those of you SCR history buffs out there, the zoo you go to now is actually “New zoo.” The Old Zoo opened in 1912 and then closed in 1966, you can check out pictures here of the old cages still there as well as picnic tables: https://californiathroughmylens.com/old-la-zoo-griffith-park! Anyways, back to the race. . .


We started a little late, but the rain had held off and the sun was coming out!  It was an out and back and the out was basically all uphill.  The trail was mainly fire road, just a few narrow parts which made it easy to keep an even pace as we all trekked up the mountain.  I did slow down (even slower than I was already going) a few times to take in the amazing views of the mountain and valley below!  The hills were green, and the sun was out but the hill was loooong.  A couple of minutes from the turnaround I saw Mike Cassidy, my fellow SCR running back from it.  I cheered him on and continued up to the turnaround where I stopped and snapped a few pictures with the Mt. Hollywood sign directly behind me. 


Turning around, I started the much more enjoyable run back down the hill where I could make up some time going from 15-18 minutes up to about 8-9-minute miles down! Across the finish line at 1:22:30, I accepted my Mt. Hollywood Sign finish medal and snapped a quick picture with my fellow SCR.  Kara wasn’t too far behind me, crossing at 1:31:22, finishing her longest race to date.  


We sampled some great nitro coffee, grabbed our snacks, and posed for a quick picture at the finish line.  It started to get cold and we realized the rain was finally coming.  So, we headed out driving back to Santa Clarita feeling a great sense of accomplishment.  About halfway back, the sky opened up but we were warm and dry inside. 

A great trail race with amazing views!  I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to try a local trail race.  Don’t bother with the 8K, just do the 12K with the view! The price was right, and the trail was well marked and easy to follow.  Just make sure you print out the directions to the parking lot!


A person standing posing for the camera

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A young boy standing in front of a building

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Old Zoo cages at the start!


A view of a grassy hill

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Turn Around Point!


A group of people standing in a park

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Finish line!





Thank you from SCV Food Pantry







Prediction Run 2020

By Chris Louie


Are you ready?

We predict that the 10th Annual Prediction Run will take place on Saturday, April 11th. Our magic 8 ball says “All signs point to “YES” when asking if the gathering time is 7:40 am for the course "reveal" and 8 amfor the start.

We asked our psychic and she said that the course will be between 3-5 miles and we will gather at the far end of Central Park near the soccer fields.

Our Ouija board told us that the event is free to all active club members. The club will provide water and coffee, but please bring a treat to share with your fellow club members.

The mirror on the wall showed us that last year’s winner Jason and dog Jake will be looking to repeat.

If you would like to be the winner of the coveted Prediction Run trophy, then leave your watches at home and come join us.

What:  10th Annual Prediction Run (This is an SCR Race Series event.)
Where: Central Park, near the soccer fields
When:  Saturday, April 11 @ 7:40 am
Cost: Free

Distance: Between 3-5 miles. Course revealed at 7:40, time estimation submitted, and first runner starts at 8 am.


Kelley, Frank and Chris








March Calendar


SUN 3/1

6:30 am

Marathon Training—10 Miles—Meet at Granary Square

TUES 3/3

6:15 pm

Central Park -near community garden

THU 3/5

6:15 pm

  Tempo Run -Von’s Saugus

SAT 3/7

7:00 am

Training Run from Lowe's Parking Lot

SUN 3/8

6:30 am

L.A Marathon 26.2 miles!  Go SCR!!

TUES 3/10

6:15 pm

Track Workout at College of the Canyons

THU 3/12

6:15 pm

Tempo Run – Albertson’s - Valencia

SAT 3/14

7:00 am

Training Run from Lowe's Parking Lot


St. Patrick’s Day 5K

SUN 3/15

6:30 am

Recovery Time! Meet at Granary Square

TUES 3/17

6:15 pm

Track Workout TBD

THU 3/19

6:15 pm

Tempo Run - Henry Mayo Fitness

Board Meeting 7:30

SAT 3/21

7:00 am

Training Run from Lowe's Parking Lot

SUN 3/22

6:30 am

TBD  Meet at Granary Square

8:00 a.m. Carlsbad 5000

TUES 3/24

6:15 pm

Track Workout at College of the Canyons

THU 3/26

6:15 pm

ICE Event stay tuned for RSVP information

Monthly Social

SAT 3/28

7:00 am

Training Run from Lowe's Parking Lot

8 a.m. Valencia Trail Race 10K, Half, 50K

SUN 3/29

Marathon Training - Meet at Granary Square

TUES 3/31

6:15 pm

Track Workout at College of the Canyons










As always – please check on our web site scrunners.org for any calendar changes or updates.





Race Series 2020


By Carolyn Gordon


The SCR Race Series is a way to win prizes, awards, gear, etc. just for doing what we all like to do (run races, volunteer and participate in club events!). That’s why we all joined Santa Clarita Runners, right!?!


You’ll find all the info on our website: http://www.scrunners.org/. Choose “Our Events” and “Our Race Series” to see the rules.  Scroll to the bottom of the rules to find the link to then enter your Race Series Points.


There are a couple of different ways to earn prizes, etc. from previous years so give the rules a quick look over, as well as an updated list of events (see below).


As your 2020 Race Series Director, if I can answer any questions, please feel free to reach out! See you on the road or the water stop!

2020 Events Table here


Race Series Events 2020











Hangover Run






The Master's University Winter 5K



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



SCR Annual Banquet






Surf City Full/Half Marathon



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



Mardi Gras Madness 5K/10K










Melanie Cotterell


Los Angeles Marathon



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



St. Patrick's Day 5K



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG

Tony Cota


Carlsbad 5000



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



Valencia Trail Race



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



Train Run




Phil & Paola Howard


Prediction Run




Chris Louie, Frank & Kelly Schranz

April – TBD

Earth Day Clean Up






USPS Food Volunteer Drive




Phil & Paola Howard


Mountains to Beach



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



Hart High School 5K



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG

John Toth


Run for Amy






Heritage Valley Volunteer




Rob Sklenar


Heritage Valley 5K/10K



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG

Rob Sklenar


ID 4th of July Race Registration




Carl Pantoja


ID 4th of July Race Reg, Set Up, Timing




Carl Pantoja


ID 4th 5K/10K/15K



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG

Carl Pantoja


COC Cross Country Series



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



Summer Social




Richard Rivadeneira


Be the Light 5K Volunteer






Ventura 5K/Half/Marathon



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG


Nov. TBD

SCHMPR Half Marathon Preview




Chris Louie


Santa Clarita Volunteer




Chris Louie, Jeff Riggin


Santa Clarita 5K/10K/Half/Full



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



Turkey Trot






California International Marathon



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



Venice/Santa Monica 5K/10K



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



Santa to the Sea Half Marathon



+1ea for club shirt, PR, AG



Jingle Bell Jog




Paola Howard





2020 Race Series Rules here


Race Series Rules 2020

Objective:      Promote the sport of running and create camaraderie within the club by encouraging participation by our members in the Race Series.

1.      Points are awarded to runners who participate in the listed events and report them to the Race Series Director via document on our website. The series will operate on a self-reporting honor system. You can report your points at the scrunners.org website. Members must be in good standing (dues paid for the year) for points to be eligible. There will be a grace period on membership dues until March 15th.


2.     There are several ways to earn points in the Race Series:

Organized Races (O) will be eligible for:

          -Five (5) points for running the event

          -One (1) point for wearing your SCR shirt/tank

          -One (1) point for Personal Record (5-year age group PRs)

-One (1) point for an Age Group Award (as determined by race, i.e., if you place 4th, you can claim if awards go 5 deep but not if they go 3 deep).

-Personal Record (PR) and Age Group Award points are awarded based on your age group at the time of the event.

          Volunteer Events (V) will be eligible for:

                   -Five (5) points for participating in the event.


          Fun Events (F) will be eligible for:

                   -Three (3) points for participating in the event.

          Refer a new member to the club:

-      One (1) point per new member, up to five (5) for the year.

-points are not awarded for adding new family members or for changing from an individual membership to a family membership.

          Write an article for the SCRambler:

-      Five (5) ponts per article with a maximum of one article per month.

Act as a Race Liason or Host of an Event:

-      Five (5) points for each occurrence

Run any race with a minimum of four (4) other club members and submit an article and photo to the SCRambler:

          -Five (5) points to all club members at the event even if they are

          not in the picture.

          (maximum of 2 races a year)

Wild Card Race with a SCRambler article and photo

-Five (5) points for any race of your choosing that does not fit into any other category

(maximum of 2 races a year)

Participate in each of the four (4) weekly club events at least once in one month

          -Five (5) points per month

          (points can only be claimed once a quarter)

3.     Each month we will recognize that month’s participants for club supported runs, each quarter Race Series points leaders will be awarded prizes, and, there will be recognition of Race Series participants at the annual banquet.

a.      Members are only eligible for one (1) quarterly award per year and one monthly award per year, but all winners are eligible for end of year awards.

b.     Annual Banquet winners will be separated into three (3) categories:

-Most overall points

-Most volunteer points

-Most race points











2020 Board Members


President Melanie Cotterell

Vice-President Dennis Lebman

Treasurer Paola Howard

Secretary Anne-Marie Frisch

Membership Director Chris Louie

Race Series Director Carolyn Gordon

Social Media Jeff Riggin

Policies/Procedures John Toth

SCRamber Editor Elizabeth Conzevoy


Sue Davis

Phil Howard

Richard Rivadeneira













Mardi Gras 5K

Barbara Adamczyk  31:18

Magda Cazorla 29:15

Vickie Jones 29:56

Mary Petersen 34:38

Ron Petersen 27:15

Jen Martin 25:19

Maria Guerra 47:22

Tracy Peterson 32:33

Tammy Reaves 39:36

Dave McNeil 31:52

Nancy Hoffman 40:47

Lorraine Solomon 53:21

Jeff Solomon 53:26


Mardi Gras 10K

Richard Ramirez   1:02:16

Kelley Schranz  54:07

Melanie Cotterell  54:15

Elizabeth Conzevoy 55:24

Frank Schranz 57:23

Nathan Imhoff 41:47


Surf City Half Marathon

K.J. Yi  1:41:56

Lisa VanDyke  1:34:14

PR for a flat course! Awesome support from my SCR friends. 3rd place in age group.”


Houston Marathon

Nathan Imhoff  3:05:34My first BQ”